Z krosna do Krosna

For the 10th time to Krosno


28th August 2000 – in the Bureau for Artistic Exhibitions Gallery in Krosno with great stage fright and some kind of disbelief that we had managed, we were opening the first edition of "Z krosna do Krosna" International Artistic Linen Cloth Biennial. Surrounded by the local government representatives, many of local residents, weaving artists invited to visit Krosno, we presented the opening exhibition of the Biennial. We were intimidated by the presence of outstanding artists, members of the jury, among whom were titled authorities associated with contemporary textile, but above all, we were uncertain of receiving our initiative.

At first edition of our Biennial 56 artists from Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, Finland presented 101 art-works. The very first review was revealed during the opening exhibition when prof. Irena Huml (the head of the jury) said, that: “The presented works are characterized by a variety of forms and trends of contemporary artistic weaving. Traditional forms, like woven landscapes or symbolic structures, contrast with abstract forms. The artists mostly used their own and mixed techniques, they also made embroidery, kilims, macrame, collages, used the technique of hand-stitched carpet or recycled paper. The basic criterion for the works performed was the domination of linen – a minimum of 75% of the raw material. It strikes a multitude of ways of using linen material in order to expose its undeniable advantages. Twine, thread, cotton wool, gray canvas, stained flax, yarn assembled with a variety of raw materials, such as: wood, metal rods, paper, clay, and even small everyday objects are arranged into unique artistic compositions, expressing the subjective experiences of the creators and evoking specific aesthetic impressions at the recipients”. Prof. Irena Huml highlighted also the high level of our competition. This opinion was not only a distinction but also an acceptance of the Biennial idea: a textile with a predominance of linen fiber, with dimensions ranging between 25 cm and 60 cm.

This year we celebrate the 10th edition of the Biennial. It may not be a significant jubilee, but as one of the members of the jury – Norbert Zawisza said that the 10th edition is enough reason for celebration. That is why we try not only to emphasize that 18 years of our work part of the centuries-old tradition of Krosno and the surrounding areas, but also to distinguish the city by organizing an artistic event of international significance. In the jubilee of the 10th edition, a total of 92 artists take part – 87 artists have submitted works for the main competition, one artist will take part in a series of exhibitions, but will not perform in the competition, 4 artists will represent the youngest generation, declared their participation in the DEBUTS 2018 Competition. In total, artists performed 118 works – including 5 in the DEBUTS competition. Participants of the 10th International Artistic Linen Cloth Biennial come from 12 countries: Finland, France, Ireland, Japan, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Hungary, and Poland. The most numerous group are the participants from Poland. The data presented here should also testify to the continuing interest in chamber artistic textile, based on linen yarn.

This year's premiere exhibition, which is traditionally available in the halls of the Bureau of Artistic Exhibitions in Krosno, exposes works which, in the multicolored and diversity of forms, can surprise not only with the way of expression but also with the content of the message. An inspiration of nature, fascination with nature in general, was the motive of many works. Reminiscences of family customs and traditions were also eagerly recalled. The textile in the 10th edition of the Biennial is not closed only in two dimensions. These are also constructions, with built-in soft structures in which movement, rhythm, and timbre are almost equal values. Reflections on the passage of time, the inevitability of passing away, but also a look at the world in the dimension of events, episodes, social actions draw the recipient into the land of imagination and sensitivity of the creators. And all this had to be included in the area enclosed by a small dimension of several dozen centimeters…

We feel proud and honoured that outstanding artists working with the art of fiber want (sometimes repeatedly) to present their works at the Biennial. At this point, I would like to thank especially to: Anna Boršovska-Nemcova, Maria Teresa Chojnacka, Tetiana Łukaszewicz, Małgorzata Wyszogrodzka-Trzcinka, and Ivan Tokar – the artists who participated in the event most often. I also would like thank to the members of the jury who have a difficult task of assessing the works in all editions of the Biennial: prof. Irena Huml, prof. Ewa Maria Poradowska–Werszler, Norbert Zawisza, prof. Stanisław Trzeszczkowski, Dr. Halina Jurga, Marta Hrebíčková, Kostyál Lászlo, Stanisław Białogłowicz, Andrzej Korzec, Piotr Rędzinaik, Ewa Cisowska, Maria Jurkowska, Maciej Syrek and Piotr Wójtowicz.

Professor Irena Huml who used to visit the Museum of Crafts in Krosno will remain in our memory. She was delighted with Krosno contemporary glass, traditional ornaments, a kindness of residents and baroque woodcarving in the Fara church. We direct special thanks to prof. Ewa Maria Poradowska-Werszler not only for participating in all “linen” meetings in Krosno but also for help and tips in organizing the first editions, for invitations to the International Symposium in Kowary, for mobilizing and for inspiration but above all for the opportunity to meet many wonderful artists. I am also grateful for her motto attached to the work sent, which I allow myself to include in this part of the catalogue.

I would like to thank for financial support for the authorities of the city of Krosno, and for all those people involved in the organization of the 10th edition of the “Z krosna do Krosna” International Artistic Linen Cloth Biennial. I am grateful to Maria Jurkowska – director of the Bureau of Artistic Exhibitions in Krosno for the arrangement of premiere exhibitions and vernissage hospitality. I would also like to express gratitude to our foreign partners for the preparation and presentation of the Biennial exhibition, and I would like to mention here: Göcseji Múzeum in Zalaegerszeg, Šarišská galéria v Prešove, SNM – Múzeum ukrajinskej kultúry vo Svidníku.
Ewa Mańkowska
Director of the Museum of Crafts in Krosno
Krosno, August 2018
“The 'Z krosna do Krosna' 10th International Linen Cloth Biennial coincided with my "Miękkie medium” exhibition organized in Wrocław in 2018, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of my creative work. It is not a coincidence. Linen fibers have always inspired me, I analyzed them and tested them for many years. Monumental linen fabrics made with my own technique were the subject of my habilitation thesis at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. The synthesis of creative effects often took place on the foundation of small weaving forms, which are perfect for cyclical exhibitions. The adopted formula of the exhibition is universal. It allows artists to experiment with the linen medium and the exhibition organizers to make it public in the neighboring countries. The Biennial was established in 2000 as the only visual event in Poland and in Europe. It enjoys an increasing interest of artists from Poland and the world, thanks to which it contributes to the promotion of the traditions of the Podkarpackie region. Spiritus movens of the event is the director of the Museum of Crafts in Krosno – Ewa Mańkowska. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Biennial, I would like to thank all those involved in the implementation and continuation of the 'Z krosna do Krosna' project”.
Professor Ewa Maria Poradowska-Werszler